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Sunday Worship & Communion Service

We will be having our first indoor in-person worship service with Holy Communion this Sunday, October 4th at 9:30 am with Pastor Ruby Narucki presiding.

As this will be our first worship service together indoors since March 2020, there are several guidelines that we will need to follow to be compliant with our Pueblo Health Department Variance and the Colorado State Guidelines for Places of Worship.   Masks will be required of everyone over the age of 10 years and we will be practicing social/physical distancing which means that at all times, you will need to keep 6-8 feet apart from those not in your household.

When you arrive at the church, you will be greeted outside by one of our ushers. You need to have your mask on, covering both your mouth and your nose. You will need to keep your mask on the entire time you are inside Tabor. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with one. You will be asked a few screening questions, given hand sanitizer, and then the ushers will guide you inside to the sanctuary.  We will have certain pews blocked off to help us keep our social/physical distance. Please sit only in designated areas at opposite ends of the pews from the people in the row ahead of you.  There is no singing allowed indoors; we will speak the Kyrie and the Hymn of Praise. The Sending Hymn will be sung outside with masks on after everyone has exited the church.  

Communion will be received at the end of worship in the area between the double glass doors as people exit the church. Please commune outside.  We ask everyone to put their mask back on after communing and join us as we sing our Sending Hymn.

We realize that we are asking a lot of our members, but we need to do these things to keep Tabor a safe place for everyone who enters our building. Worship will be different and will definitely take some time to get used to. Rather than focusing on what we cannot do due to COVID19, we encourage everyone to focus on what we can do, the good things, like being together inside our beautiful church and worshipping our loving God.


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